Volunteer work or internship in Kenya!

    You can really make a difference as a volunteer or intern!! Through our program you can either work in Watoto Wema Centre children’s home, or in the Kibera slum at a community project called Youth in Community Development Organization. In exchange you gain valuable life experience. These projects are supported through a Dutch foundation called Mzungu4Kenia. But you don’t have to be a Dutch citizen to join as a volunteer.


    Watoto Wema Centre is home to 46 children in the age of 3-16 years. They life in WWC due to extreme poverty of their families or because they are victims of child abuse. You presence can mean a lot for these children. You can participate in several activities, like the daily care of the children, teaching in the class of the smaller children, home visits to the children’s families. It is also possible to assist in activities around the home, like repairs, gardening and helping the children take care of.
    At the Youth in Community Development Organization you can assist in the sanitary towel project or in the facilitation of life skill training in the schools of Kibera. Your own ideas are also welcome. You can teach youth in Kibera sports, dance ,arts , first aid or any other skill that you have and would like to share.