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Watoto Wema Centre

Watoto Wema Centre is a children’s home in Ruai, one of the outskirts of Nairobi. The area is still in transformation from a rural area to an urban area. Watoto Wema Centre is home to 46 children who, due to several reasons, cannot live with their families anymore. There are orphans, children who are victims of child abuse and children who are abandoned and have no relatives at all. Besides these children, there are families who live in extreme poverty and who are supported by Watoto Wema Centre so that their children can remain in the family. As a volunteer you have the opportunity to teach the smaller children (age 3-10 years), assist in the daily care of the children, and going on home visits visits to children who have successfully returned to their family.


YCDO are the initials for Youth in Community Development Organization. YCDO is a youth organization which assists youth living in the Kibera slums. Kibera is the biggest slum in East Africa. YCDO has a life skill program for HIV/AIDS education for teenagers, and makes and donates washable sanitary pads. You can assist in these projects, but you can also start your own project/activity with something you are good at. Maybe you have knowledge or skills you would like to share with the youth. Examples are computer training, self-defence, sports, business training etc. If you are interested in starting your own project, let us know and we will organize the logistics for you.