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General information about Kenya

Kenya is a republic in East Africa, and borders  the Indian Ocean along the equator. Lake Victoria, which is the biggest lake in Africa lies partly in Kenya.

Kenya has around 40 million citizens, of which around 4 million live in Nairobi. Kenya is a very religious country, 70% is Christian, 10% is Muslin and there are a few Hindu’s. Traditional religions are still practiced. Kenya has a rich history as it had already a human population in the prehistoric times.

Kenya is home to many different tribes, the most commonly known is the Massai. Each tribe has it’ own culture and language. Because Kenya is a former British Colony the official language is English, but the language that is commonly used is Kiswahili. The good knowledge of English makes it easy for Europeans and Americans to communicate. Cars drive on the left side of the road, according to the English style. The currency in Kenya is called Kenyan Shilling.

In Kenya there are more than 80 wild life species and more than 1000 bird species. Kenya has a lot of national parks with lions, zebras, giraffe, hippo, elephant and leopard.  It is a well-known tourist destination.

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. The city is situated  1600 m above sea level. The  name comes from the Massai word Ewaso Nyirobi, which means cool water. Nairobi started to develop as a city in 1899 when the Kampala-Mombasa railway line was built between Uganda and the Kenyan coast.

As in so many African countries, there is a small middle class population and a small elite group. The majority of the populations lives  in poverty. The poverty is especially high in rural areas, where many people live without running water and electricity, but with a mobile phone.