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Where to stay

You will stay in a host family near the project. We have been very careful in selecting  host families for  our volunteers. The host families are located in safe areas and are informed about the cultural differences. The host family will provide you with breakfast and supper. By staying in a host family you will really learn the Kenyan culture from inside out.



You will be picked up by one of our workers and brought to your host family. The following day a guide will take you from the host family to the project, where you will meet your new colleagues. They will explain  the work that is being done in the project and where you can participate. If you have any questions or you just want to talk about your experience,  Marjolein will be available for you.  When you are staying in Kenya you will get a personal guide who will make sure your stay in Kenya is  going to be a very good experience.



Our projects in Kenya are totally dependent on gifts and donations. This means that there is no money to pay for your expenses. The projects in Kenya depend on your participation in fundraising for their activities. Therefore Mzungu4 Kenia asks a small amount to cover your accommodation, and guidance costs. This is €15.- a day, starting on the day of arrival and stops on the day of departure.