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In Nairobi

Mzungu4Kenia has chosen to keep its projects in Nairobi. A lot of Dutch organization are already working in the rural area. Working for this organisation gives you the chance to volunteer in a lively city.

Nairobi is the biggest city in Kenya, and its capital city. Nairobi has over 4 million citizens. It’s  a very sunny city with temp. between 15-28C. There are many hospitals, entertainment places and there is running water and electricity. But there is also extreme poverty and criminality. People who live under the world poverty line live in the slums of Nairobi, like Kibera. There are also many children in need due to unsafe living conditions. These children  will really benefit from your assistance .   

Mzungu4Kenia has as a mission to  improve the wellbeing of youth, and to create opportunities for youth to use all talents they have in something positive for the community.

We have chosen to give skills and support to youth that are in and out of school in Kibera, and to support the Watoto Wema Centre children’s home.