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Foundation Mzungu4Kenia

Foundation (called in Dutch : Stichting) Mzungu4Kenia was founded in 2005 to support the work of Marjolein van der Kolk in Kenya. Marjolein went to Kenya to give young people a chance of a better future. The organisation is officially registered at the Netherlands and has an ANBI recognition since 2008. This means that it is a legitimate Dutch organisation which is officially registered. It also means that gifts made to Mzungu4Kenia are tax deductible in Holland.  Mzungu4 Kenia is also registered by Calibris as a recognized internship placement for bachlorstudents and it is a member of Care International.students and it is a member of Care International.

The activities that are supported by Mzungu4Kenia  must be supposed to be implemented in Kenya by a locally  registered organisation. This is why Marjolein started YCDO together with some Kenyan friends. All activities that Mzungu4Kenia support in the Kibera slum are implemented by YCDO.

Watoto Wema Centre was founded in 2006, and Marjolein joined the Board in 2009, when the centre was known as Shepherd Orphanage and Educational Centre. Since that time it has been registered under a new name, and is now a stable home.